David Graeber on the History of Debt


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Program: Need To Know
Episode: David Graeber on the History of Debt

Talk of debt had Washington gridlocked and permeated the national and international conversation for much of the summer, but the debate over what to do about debt is nothing new according to David Graeber the author of a new book Debt The First 5000 Years. Need to Know host Alison Stewart talks with Graeber about our misconceptions about debt and why it plays such a large role in history


The Battle Of Athens: Fighting for Liberty, Restoring the Rule of Law

The Battle Of Athens: Fighting for Liberty, Restoring the Rule of Law

When veterans of World War II returned to their homes in Athens, Tennessee, they decided to put a stop to the machine politics that had become ingrained in their society. Open battle broke out on election day, and the GIs won the battle and the election. The GI victory spelled the destruction of machine politics in Tennessee.

No One Wanted Us – The Tragic Voyage of the SS St. Louis

In May, 1939, the SS St. Louis, a ship of Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi persecution left Hamburg, bound for Havanna, Cuba. Without their knowledge, their landing passes had been voided by the Cuban President, Laredo Bru. When the ship arrived in Cuba, the passengers were not allowed to debark. Representatives from the Jewish Joint Distribution committee negotiated with the Cuban government, but to no avail. The passengers appealed to President Roosevelt to allow them to land in the United States, but they were again turned away. The ship was forced to retun to Europe, where two-thirds of the passengers would perish in the Holocaust.